Monday, January 31, 2011


I planned on staying at my mom's tonight because she watched my son while I worked. I took my new computer, and all my schoolwork to her house before I went to work. And thank god I did. I stopped by my apartment to pick up a few movies for my son...and when I got there, my apartment had been broken into. They took my old computer, which I had given to my son. That was "Lucien's puter." They also took some checks, and my back up drive for the old computer that had all my writing on it, as well as a few pieces of jewelry...and a Ribeye. Yep, they took a fucking steak out of my freezer.

I am so thankful the new computer was not there. But, I am sick about my son's computer. It is going to break my heart when he asks about it. Although it was old and slow, he loved it. We both did our "work" together. I feel like I am going to throw up.


  1. Fucking bastards.

    Did you see the Malaysian flogging picture?

    If you're seriously pissed off watch this I posted it on my random blog and wanted to take it down for bloodthirstiness but maybe you'll like it now. I fucking would want that done to anyone to pissed me off I can tell you. Fucking theives.

    brace yourself, beware it is a bit bloodthirsty so only watch when raging. But as I say people like that deserve at least 20 lashes.

  2. Damn ! I'm so sorry to hear this....that's awful ....aagh !! I am glad that you moved the new "puter" though. Hang in there.

  3. OH NO!!!!!!!
    This is awful! you must feel so violated and angry. I'm sorry about Lucien's puter.I hope they catch the robbers and get your stuff back and throw them in jail.

    Wow. Very disturbing. Do you have a copy of your writing someplace else?