Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pondering Poetry

Thinking about...POETRY
Haven't really thought about her,
In a while.
Been consumed with the words
Of my prose
The telling of my story,
Wrapped up in emotion
And language and words,
And getting the correct verbiage...
Hell, this thing is for publication!

But, thinking about POETRY
By the poems of my brother
Thinking about
Upside down
And a whole new light
Pouring out of me
Without having to think
Lines and images
Appear on the page
Thinking about metaphorical
Moonlit nights with magical
Moments mingling in our mind
Thinking about sound
In forms of onomatopoeia
Like mechanical ticks
Rat a tat tat
Chhh-chhug-chugga lug chug
Thinking about repetition
Round and round
The sounds go
Round and round
In your head,
A racetrack of sorts.
Thinking about memory
And vision
And capturing it all with words
Pictures created
From mere black and white
Lines and squiggles.

Thinking about poetry
And emotional heartfelt
Thinking about inflection
And the reading aloud...
It all sounds different
In my head.

Thinking about poetry
In her perfect
Playful and lyrical painting
Pen and pencil,
Scribbled in perseverance,
Producing paramount pictures
Pounding through my head.
Picking up momentum
And placing her pallid hand
Softly on my pouty lips,
Persuading me to preserve this thought
In all its perverse madness
Pondering poetry...

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