Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rambling Thoughts About An Old Friend Still Serving Time

Writing this last post, my mind wandered back to a time so far away and long ago. I thought about that little one bedroom apartment in Virginia. My mind drifted back, looking at the places, and the faces of several friends...

And I thought about Sammy. He was this guy I used to get drugs from. Coke, heroin, pills, weed...whatever. He was the man in a small town. And eventually, he got busted. That is always the case when you get too big, and when you are really careless...you get fucking busted. He was sentenced to five to seven, I think. Later, some other accusations came up that were more serious than drugs and guns...so he could have ended up with more time. I left way before I found out any details.

But, I was thinking about how different the world is going to be when he comes out of jail...even, only five years later. He went to jail before the use of Facebook. He went to jail before the era of smartphones, and he always had just a regular cell phone. He went to jail in a prosperous economy, without the widespread use of GPS and social media. He went to jail before satellite radio was in most cars, and when televisions were not all flat. He went to jail when you could still get basic television by merely plugging an old tv into the wall. He went to jail when most news was still read in a newspaper, and no one looked to the Internet for news. He went into jail when most of his friends were drug addicts, and now many of them have grown up (or recovered) and moved on with their lives. I think about how different the world will seem to him when he gets out....

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  1. Wow. Talk about culture shock.

    Hope you and the kid are well.

    Love you.