Thursday, January 13, 2011

Abscess Chatter...

I noticed in looking at my stats lately that a lot of people have been hitting my blog by searching an abscess. People from all over this country are wondering what to do about an abscess from shooting up. And in my clean state of mind, concerns me. This is one of the more popular posts that are randomly hit through Google, but the frequency has been much greater lately. Why is the reason for this? Are more people shooting up? Is the dope shittier, and causing more or worse infections? Or are more people searching it on the Internet? Is it the holidays that has people in a funk? Or just drunk and careless?

My advice on it is dead on, though. I will tell you that. I had more of those damn things than I care to remember. I have really tiny rolling veins, and it is really easy for me to miss. It got to be such an occurrence that the moment I missed, I took a wash cloth soaked it with hot water, and folded it over some Epsom Salt. Then I put that over the injection site, and wrapped a heating pad around it, tying it on with a scarf...then I went to sleep like that. Generally I woke up, and it was gone. Took me quite a few nasty puss filled explosions to get it down, though.

Be careful out there, people. It concerns me. Maybe I am just too old and too clean and too motherly, now.

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