Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wow...I just found this old poem in my draft folder! Awesome!

Looking in,
A darkened window,
Shrouded in blood red velvety curtains
Darkened from both time
And corrosion.

Wow, I just found this in an old drafts folder.  This is super powerful!  I love it.  I write poetry stream of consciousness, and this is just how it flows out.  Sometimes, when I read back through it, it sucks.  Other times, it is amazing.  I love this one....

For so many years,
I kept that candle burning
But, it only helped to keep me in the dark,
Never, ever bringing light
And only driving that away
With the swells of sadness inside
The candle
Only caused me to dwell in the past...

And finally, finally...
I snuffed it out.
Damn, it took me some fucking time...
A lot of years clean
To even see the truth
A lot of years clean
To see it all for what it was really worth.
What under the bridge, you say?
I say we witnessed a fucking flood, baby.
We witnessed a catastrophic category 5
First hand.
And you think it was just a little water...

Some things can never be saved
And some things are lost forever.
And other things...are just better left alone.
For your shit was sucking me dry.