Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Little Girl

The little girl
Learned how to dance,
That summer,
Spinning and twirling
Into worlds unchartered.

That little girl,
Evolved into
Something much more
That summer
As her heart began to thump
Like a grown up
And she knew
What it meant to love.

That little girl,
So young
And exploring
Venturing into all
The realms unknown.
With blind faith
And love.

But, times grow tough
And we are all starving
And Sick.

That little girl,
Whose heart once thumped
With pleasure
And a heart swell
Of emotion
Sits out in the rain
Tears steady fall
And the pieces of her
Broken heart
Lie shattered
In the mud.

The little girl,
Grew dark
And daring
And really twisted.
As she fell
Further and further
From the summer…
Living in the cold
And wintry
Of the living dead.
The rains keep falling.
And she fears
The sun can never shine.

That little girl,
Still lives
Deep, deep inside.
And she wonders
When the music
Turned black.
And she wonders
She still knows
How to dance…