Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Blogpost, New Blog.

Hey guys!  Hope everyone out there is doing well!  I have started a new blog, Cognizance of Addiction and Recovery.  I am actually hosting it on various platforms, in hopes to gain some more followers and readers for my work.  Please come follow my new blog!  The first post is already up! I will be posting about my addiction, as well as my recovery, several times a week.  Most of the artwork on the blog is mine, as well.  I have been working on design projects to go along with my writing, as well as some wonderful podcasting.

I am starting a new website, dedicated to opiate addiction and recovery, as well.  I will keep you all updated, but much of the material will be the same on both venues for the next few months during the launch of the new website, It's All Junk.

Check out my podcasting here. 

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See my latest post there now!  Look to hear more from me.  Oh, and you all can call me Eliza, rather than BMelonsLemonade!  Much Love...Eliza Player

Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Memoir Is Available Through Amazon!!!

Finally, my book is available through Amazon, in a Kindle edition.  You can always download the Kindle software onto your computer or smartphone.  That is what I do, since I do not have a Kindle!  Check it out!  Click the link to see the book!