Sunday, January 2, 2011

Truth be told...
I guess I have been feeling a little depressed.

I miss my friends.
I feel a little lonely
As the holiday
Comes and goes.
I feel exhausted
And unmotivated
And I am a little

Is it the emotional
Roller coaster
From writing the book
Has left me spent?
Both emotionally
And physically.

Is it the busy, busy grind
Has come to
A temporary halt?
And I rest my mind
While I can.

Or is it that I am
Just lazy?
As I sit around,
Eating rich food
And getting fat while
I pound away
At the computer.

I am joining the Y
I think exercize
Should help.
I have never
Worked out
A day in my life.
I need to try
To cook more healthy foods,
I am from New Orleans
Is made with butter.
The obstacles
Are mounting
The reasons
For me to say
No Way
This is too hard
Always trying
To back out
Of the diffucult,
Such has been my way...for years.

But, I gotta get off
The couch.
And I think maybe I should blog about it.


  1. How is the book coming?

    I have been working out since I got sober in 1999. I am still in the best physical shape of my life but could use some mental workouts! :)

    Happy New Year and thanks for your insights.

  2. im sure glad ur not strugling with addiction anymore and that christmas you write about sounds wonderful, i wish i would of spend it with my family but sadly i always end depressed on holidays ive been having problems sleeping lately and find my self tossin and must be my recently cold turkey quit on heroin, im on day 5 and the rls is gone but keep having the emotional roller coaster u mentioned "i hate it" im too young to throw my life away i recently turned 21 and have a baby of 1year my wife has been alot of help but no1 knows about my drug scared. I love my baby girl so much thats why i decided to quit my bad habits for her...anyway thought i had to let this of my chest 2 anyone. Hope ur book goes well,oh and nice poem.
    Yair garcia

  3. Don't get off the couch. That would leaving me sitting all by myself. Laugh.

    I can so relate to this post.