Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Onslaught of Oxycontin....

I remember when Oxycontin first came out...yes, that is how old I am, and that is how long I have been around dope. I was addicted to heroin for several years when Oxycontin first hit the market.

One of my friends left New Orleans for the weekend, traveling to a wedding somewhere relatively nearby. She called me while she was gone, leaving me a message. Her voice, slow and deliberate, and I could hear the height in her voice. She simply said, "Morphine pills, oh my god."

When she returned to New Orleans, she told this fantastical tale of these wonderful "morphine pills" she had taken when out of town. Back then, no one had heard of Oxycontin, and no one wanted to call them oxycodone, because we all associated that with percocet. And these fucking pills were way better than percocet.

These morphine pills began to emerge on the streets later that following year. Back then, there were 120mg pills that circulated. They actually made them in 120mg strength in the beginning. After a while, too many people were dying from overdose when taking these 120mg oxycontin...and the production of that strength was quickly stopped.

I did oxycontin a couple of times in those early years, but heroin was always much cheaper. In later years, I would substitute oxycontin when I did not have any dope...but again, it was just too expensive.

Oxycontin is more accepted in mainstream circles, and people who would never try HEROIN would try oxycontin. The addiction to oxycontin is the same as heroin, and the high is also the same. The problems with oxycontin became prevalent in the news in the last years of my addiction.


  1. I tried to explain this to Anthony's grandmother who has an RX for it (he's staying with her). She asked me if she thought she should hide her "pills" and said, :I don't think I need to since he has never used pills". HOLY SHIT! She's in her 70's and a bit naive, I told her YES HIDE THEM! I know he's aware she's taking something for pain, I just pray he doesn't get tempted.

    You are so right about the stigma....I use Oxys sounds so neutral compared to saying you use heroin. Same Damn Drug.

  2. Oxy is worse than heroin. It goes for about $1.00 per miligram and it has destroyed my relationship with my daughter and it has destroyed her life. Her little children have to deal with the aftermath and contiuing mayhem of their parents' addiction to oxy.

  3. Do you really think the high from heroin and oxy is the same? I thought it was like day and night. I can see getting out of control on heroin in ways that I just wouldn't approach and doing things I wouldn't do just addicted to oxycodone. That's just my opinion though.


  4. at SJ..If you cook down 2 20mg Oxycontin, or better yet an 80 mg Oxycontin, and shoot it up...the high is very much like heroin. I do not think they make Oxycontin like they did five years ago. You used to be able to shoot them...and that is the way I usually did them. In my world, Oxycodone is like Vicodin, and Oxycontin is something entirely different. The base of the two drugs are similar, the potency is just very different. Also Oxycontin is time released, and that makes all the difference if you can figure out how to break the time release... I have, however, been clean for five years and I may not be up on the current trends...

  5. Ive been an on and off addict for 4 years now and honestly the high is no different, ive tried to warn my friends not to use oxy because its the same as dope and they will be in my shoes eventually. Addiction is hell and i wish i could rid myself of it. Ive been doing well for a few months but i always have to keep up a constant lie with my family and girlfriend everytime i relapse and i hate myself for it but i cant come clean because i feel like they will abandon me and i know if i get caught again at the house i wont have a place to live but its really hard to say no when most of the people around you have something on them. I need to get the fuck out of pittsburgh and im sorry for rambling but i needed to tell someone. Im honestly in tears posting this, my skin is crawling ive had those horrible piles of heroin in my face dreams the past three days and the only reason im clean is because im 300 miles away and dont know anyone out here thank god