Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Thousand Tiny Foils

A thousand shiny foils,
Twinkling and sparking
In the dim light.

A thousand tiny foils,
Dotting the invaded
Landscapes of my mind.

A thousand shiny little foils,
Rocking my memories
As if...
Into the recesses
Of my mind.

A thousand tiny foils,
In a world so distraught,
And desperate, deteriorated
And dilapidated.

A thousand shiny foils,
Sparkling in the sunlight,
Spilled, and sniffed, and shot
Remnants of what...
Once was.

A thousand shiny little foils,
Bet I have thrown away
Many, many more than a thousand.
And used.
Up, up, and away...

A thousand tiny foils,
Reflecting like a broken mirror
Shining light into...
Those ancient caverns in my soul.

And I can only hope,
To bring them bursting into the light,
They will combust
And fade away forever,
I think...

As I prepare to go on the record.

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful poem. Shiny foils have a meaning for me too.