Monday, February 14, 2011

Talking to a single dad I know tonight...and the sentiment that being a single parent was not the ideal situation. And my initial reaction was agreement. But, then...I thought about the implications of that. And I thought, what is the ideal situation? Is it being happily married, where you kiss the kids goodnight, and then also kiss your significant other good night (and whatever else)? And I thought about...I don't think that would make me happy. I think that single parenting IS my ideal situation. At least in the world I know now...


  1. I've spent years contemplating this. I think the ideal situation is Love. If there are two loving parents that love each other and their child...that would be the best. But if not, I think being raised by one loving parent is better than being with two parents who end up divorcing.

    The only reason I think two is better than one is that both boys and girls need the influence of both men and women in their life. I tried desperately to find a mentor or something for my son since his dad is the biggest jerk on earth, but it never worked out. He missed out on a lot of stuff I could not do with him or talk to him about because I'm "Mom". Although we did talk about EVERYTHING!

    Your son is blessed to have LOVE.

  2. I have been a single Parent and now happily married. They both have there pros and cons. My main thought is that a child needs love and peace in their home. If Parents are fighting then clearly being single is the best option.

  3. I think it's great that you had that realization.

    Love you lots.

  4. Isn't the question what is best for a child? Obviously the best is a GOOD Mom and a GOOD Dad. Not a crap Mom and a good Dad, or a crap Dad and a good Mom. If there is a crappy parent then the best is for the child to be with the good parent.

    I had a crappy Dad. Luckily I rarely saw him. This is not to say that I did not suffer from being a girl raised without a Father. I see how important it is to have a good father now with my daughter and husband.

    I wuz robbed.