Thursday, February 10, 2011

Going Out...

Listening to
The droning television
In the next room,
People talking about death
I have died a million deaths

In that life unknown
To the light.

Droning voices
About ghosts and demons
A shelter to find
In my storm
Always hung out in bars,
Both damp and dirty
With bathrooms bleeding
Of disease.
Voices droning on
Next to me,
Sounds farther and farther
All I see is a tunnel.


Voices humming around me
These words I cannot make out
Looking through the
Searching for the face
As I come back to,

"And find myself alone, alone"

And I think...
Just maybe...

It was all a dream.


  1. Bathrooms bleeding with disease! I like that one.

  2. I sometimes think this whole life is a dream. Sometimes a good dream, sometimes a nightmare.

  3. you're not giving up on writing are you?
    your story is obviously a unique one
    make sure the publishers bring it out in good time for the start of the hurricane season, might sound cynical but that's good business, it's just striking when the iron's hot y'know. same way as christmas stories come out just before christmas yours will do better sales wise in late summer when hurricanes are more of an issue

  4. Hi could you do Anna Grace a favour and come over to her blog as soon as you have a moment? She needs reassurance. Thanks :-)