Thursday, February 3, 2011


So things have changed, once more...sometimes it seems like my life is spinning so quickly that I will never be able to keep up, even with lots of chicory coffee.

I decided against the internship. After those comments, I did not feel like writing, and I refuse to let something like that effect my creativity. I had pretty much decided this, when I got a little push.

I had a meeting with my professor of my independent study, who is helping me polish the make it a final product also agreed I needed to quit that. He told me I had too much work to do, and that this work was way more important. And he is right. I do not want to get involved in another project. This book project is where my loyalty must lie.


  1. Hang on: what comments? You mean from bith features.

    Like I said, if she wanted an apple she should have asked for one. You gave her an orange and a perfectly good one. Don't let some silly bitch put you down.

    I hope you're OK. Sorry for being a bit "over vehement" re your own problem. Housebreaking in my view is a pretty low down and scummy thing to do so it angers me. I'm sorry I didn't intend to make you angry or feel any worse than you already did :-)

  2. @ did not make me feel worse! Don't ever worry about that. As a writer, I have thick skin. And, yes...I am hanging in there. I am keeping one of my favorite quotes in mind..."Keep ya head up." Tupac

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhh......I opened your blog to the first chords of Halleluja and the hauntingly beautiful voice of Jeff. Another one we lost much too soon.

    I like your decision about the internship. Your BOOK is the priority.

    Keven's in jail again :(