Thursday, February 10, 2011

An Excerpt

An short excerpt from the book...a couple weeks before the storm.

I stood outside the jail, looking down the alley as I leaned on a chain link fence. The bright orange tinted streetlight hummed, illuminating the fence to sparkle in some parts. It was late, and I could barely hear the crickets over the orange sparkly hum. My best friend Quentin, his girlfriend Barbie, and our bail bondsman, junky friend, Reese, was there. Barbie hugged me and reassured me that they had some dope for me. Quentin hugged me, too, relieved that I was okay. Reese was quiet and somewhat stern as we all climbed into his blazer. I was in the back fidgeting. He turned around, talking as serious as I had ever heard him.

“You have to get some help, Toby. You are going to Charity. You are telling them you tried to kill yourself. Harley and I are going with you. We will stay with you until they take you. They will not refuse a suicide attempt. It has to happen, Toby. You have to get clean.” Reese lectured.

He agreed to let me go back to Quentin’s to take a shower and get well. I would agree to just about anything right now. I was free. Dope was moments away. Although once the dope hit my veins and the Sickness began to fade into high, I could change my mind. I got out of the blazer and slowly climbed into the house at 2222 N. Rampart. I headed to the claw foot tub in the very back.

As the tub filled, I relished in the sound of the flowing water. The foil sat on the toilet, as I sat on the ground. I relished in the quiet. I relished in this solitude. The foil shone bright like the star that led the wise men to Jesus. My hands shook, as I filled a tiny cup with water. My hands shook, as I dumped in the brown powder. I was nearly drooling as the bittersweet smoke began to gently rise, and I pulled the flame back. You don’t want it to smoke much. My hands were shaky, as I tried to steady the needle in the cotton.

My breath quickened as I sucked up the lovely brown liquid. My veins were screaming by now, and they seemed to bulge from hunger and need. I entered quickly, like an adept fencer going in for the kill with his sword. I felt the slight resistance, and pop. The blood jolted back; rushing quicker as I pulled the plunger back to be sure I was in the vein. Blossoming like a poppy flower, and with a slight push I watched it all flow fast to my veins.

I was ready for rehab.

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