Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My last exam for this semester is tomorrow morning....


  1. I'll be thinking of you and hoping you'll do very well, which I believe you will do.
    All the best!

  2. Yeah, best of luck ;-) Hope you do/did well. The exam might be on right now. It's 4pm here so mid/late morning your end.

    You know when that hurricane struck it did cross my mind what on earth do people do who have habits... well now I know. Suffer. And hopefully use it as a turning point :-)

  3. @Gledwood...When we bombed Kabul after 9/11, I remmeber wondering what the junkies did over there those nights. I remember watching the evcuated city, and then watching the footage from the ground of the bombing. I thought, "You know the addicts stayed behind. I pictured them huddled in a squat somehwhere, so they wouldn't be caught...watching bombs light up the sky. I thought about the addicts in kabul, watching their city as it is bombed, rationing out their dope, afraid of the kick, just hoping it won't be long before they can figure something out. Well, quite some years later, I experienced it, very much like I had imagined it. When you read my will hear the story of exactly what a few of the addicts did. It really is much more than you even imagined...

    @SB and j...thank you, very much...I think I did okay, considering how little I really studied. As an adult student, I keep up with my work a lot more than I did years ago in college...and I really did not have to cram for anything at the end of the semester. I am also in my next to last semester, so most of my classes are writing classes...and I had a lot of writing due, but that comes easy to me. I turned in the first draft of my book for one of my classes...and my next post will be about my professor's comments...

    Much Love...T