Sunday, December 12, 2010


A little story I have been meanin to tell for a while...

Have you ever seen cats dressed in clothes? Now, maybe its just me, but I don't really see cats dressed in clothes very much. Yeah sure, you see dogs dressed up in clothes all the time. sweaters and shit...but cats? I have always had cats. I am a cat person, and I am not a big fan of dogs. I tell you, my cats would have NEVER, EVER let me dress them up.

That said, I met this girl at the Methadone clinic in Savannah. She was getting on the same time I was, and we got to know one another a little as we sat outside the clinic together that first day...just waiting, no dying, for our dose. I always saw her in and out of the clinic. She was nice, and she seemed pretty normal.

One day, she offers me a ride home in her light tan trans-am, you know, like a Firebird. I climb in, and staring at me from the back seat are two cats. In dresses. One is in pink, and the other in blue. I shake my head to make sure I am really seeing this. After she introduces me to her children, I asked her about the clothes.

"How did you get them to put those clothes on? Don't they hate it?" I ask, knowing my cats would have a shit fit...literally.

"oh, no...they don't mind anymore. At first, they hated it but they got used to it. They have a closet full of clothes!" she tells me, excited. "One is a boy, but I still dress them both up like little princesses. Oh, my babies."

And all I can think is , "Damn...this chic is more fucked up than I imagined."


  1. lol! Wow, that is WEIRD. I admit to putting my doll dress on a kitten when I was about five but my cats would scratch my eyes out if I tried to humiliate them in that way.

    My dog on the other hand gets excited when I show her her pretty dress and lets me put it on and then prances around the house. So I guess I"m semi-fucked up for dressing a dog, but she only has one dress! :)

  2. Hi B,
    I know cats don't like clothing, perfume or any other human enhancements.
    On the other hand I think they must look cute. My cats don't wear any dresses, but one of my dogs does.
    all the best,