Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Mountains

I am leaving tomorrow for the mountains. My parents have a second home in the mountains of the Carolinas. It is right on the border of the two states, between Greenville, SC and Brevard, NC. It is really beautiful and peaceful there.

We have a lot of mountain history in our family. My parents took us camping near this area many time when we were young. My grandfather had stories of those mountains that went back for generations. This country is in our blood, and in our souls. We come from those mountains, at least on my Momma's side.

I am excited to leave the bustle of the city, and I am still trying to decompress from the semester. I am excited to listen to the winds, and maybe see some snow. Although, i am not much one for the cold, at least at is appropriate. And I am excited to get some quiet time, where my mom can take the baby...and I can look at my book for the first time, work on a few tweeks...and get a couple of hard copies printed up. It is time to get this project rolling...

I will, however, be mostly offline. There is no internet connection at the Mountain House. I may brave the cold winds, and drive up the road to Ceasar's Head State park, and use their internet connection. But, maybe not. I do not even have cell phone reception up is always a real getaway when you leave the phone and internet behind.

I leave in the morning, right after I pack the car, full to the brim, with presents. I still have a few gifts coming in the mail, and my best friend is staying retrieve the gifts, and she is coming to the mountains on Christmas Day. I am brother (whom I adore, and am really close with) will be there, one of my little sisters, and my Mom and Stepdad will also be there. I will miss my Dad and other little sister...they are at the beach. But, it will be a nice retreat, although I am going to miss the blogsphere...

I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!


  1. It sounds wonderful! I hope you and your little guy have an extra special, relaxing time filled with laughter.

    My sister teased me the other day saying I needed to go someplace that I couldn't use my cell phone or laptop for a few days to relax, I said "That would stress me out!" But not if the people I cared about most were with me.

    Merry Christmas Lemon! :)

  2. Sounds like a perfect holiday to me. I wish you peace and joy.



  3. Merry Christmas to you and yours! Have a wonderful time at your mountain sounds like heaven and eveyone should have a little heaven on earth! May the peace and the joy of the season be with you!!