Friday, July 23, 2010

Slam It

Who says I can't do it?
Say it out loud.
Who says I ain't got the fucking guts?

I have seen it done before.
Just stand up and do it.
I have been fascinated before...
And now, it is becoming
An obsession.

The rush, the rush...
It has always been
The rush...

I have been after.

Stand up, and face the crowd...
With the truths
Of my soul.
Deep and dark
This habits of the darkened
Corners of the Quarter.

Stand up, and face these desires...
And curiosity.
I know
I could
Be buried

I want the rush...
I want to know what it feels like
My truth bared raw
On the end of a needle
On the corner of a poem
At the back of a stage.
Bare it all
These veins of mine,
Bulge, bulge, and bulging...
Begging for the sweet scent.
Take the bitter with the sweet...

Burning smoke
Rises from the spoon
"I dare you to get up...
And bare it all."
I look at my skin
So smooth and even,
Tiny little hairs,
Soft and fine.

The inside of my elbow
Smooth and translucent white
Of the vampiric inhabitant of the night.
I see the veins...
A tinge of blue running long and lean...
I see a vein from my heart,
Just dying to bleed out loud.
Flow from my mouth
To the mike...
Like you flow from my hand
To the mother fucking paper.
Slam it.
Blood flows through my veins
And tainted
And red...
Pure in its additives...
This shit could fucking kill you.

Tap, tap, tap
The plastic syringe,
Shiny needle pointed upward,
Tie it off...
Tap, tap, tap...
Smooth skin...
Slicing like warm butter...
Pull back...
And flow.

Damn, flowing everywhere
Red flower bursts like a poppy
A line streaks up
Thin and hard...
Red flows back into the warm brown liquid.
Of my brain.
Slam It.
Slam It.
Slam It....

And ahhhhhhhhhh...

Sweet Relief.


  1. Jeeeze...I have slamed so many times so long ago .
    So well written..