Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Correction on Cops...

I have to say something about Cops again today. And I would like to dedicate this one to Spark Plug, who did not, however scare me by stopping by. I had something happen to me today that involved the cops. I have to give the cops a pat on the back.
I got home today with my son. It was about three o'clock in the afternoon when we pulled up in the shady driveway of our little duplex on a busy road. I was, as usual, fighting with my child's father when we pulled up in the steamy little Honda. The baby was fussy in the back. As we get out, gathering garbage and the baby, I notice something in the yard that looks like one of our blankets. It was a deep red thing laying in the yard. I asked Bobby about it, and walked over with Lucien to see what it was. I was still gathering things from the car when Bobby asks me to hold Lucien. He tells me not to go inside because that is one of the red drapes that were out on the porch. He is going in first to see what's up.
I walk around to the front of the duplex, that is about fifteen feet from a four lane road. A man is walking off my porch, and immediately turns left down the stairs as the storm door swings closed. I scream for Bobby because this man just walked out of our house! We never use the front door. It is just to close to the busy road, and we do not really even want Lucien to know it is a door that we go out of. It always remains locked, with three locks...one of which can only open from the inside.
As I walk up on the porch, Bobby approaches the man as he tries to casually walk away. The door is open about an inch, and I know this man has been inside. He tries to tell Bobby that he is the cousin of our neighbor that we share the duplex with. He claims he is here doing some kind of work, and he goes so far as to roll the guy's garbage can back to his house. Meanwhile, I have gone inside and realized the bathroom window was up. My computer was sitting in its bag, safe and sound.
I walked back out the front. I am yelling at Bobby to make sure he has called the police because this mother fucker has been in our house! He already has them on the phone, and he is giving them the address as he turns back towards the house to get a log. The guy starts to walk away, he slowly tries to make his way across the street. Bobby is trying to corner him with the stick, corralling him to one side as the cop car drives up with his lights on. The cop stops right in the intersection, and jumps out acknowledging the man by his first name.
"Mr. McCullough, " the cop bellows in a northern accent that sounds funny this far south. He immediately puts the man in handcuffs, and takes him to the backseat of a cop car. They did not waste their time with a bunch of fucking questions, and they just apprehended the fucking guy. They were on the scene in a matter of seconds, a minute at the most. And they caught the fucking guy before he could get away.
They found nothing on him, and there was nothing missing. A tragedy was averted. If my computer had been stolen, I would have been fucked with this class I am taking in the summer session. I would have lost a lot of valuable writing, that my mother has, by the way, been telling me I needed to back up. But, they caught the fucking guy. And he has done this before, and he will do this again...but not while he is in fucking jail.
Now, I know first hand how much jail sucks. But, I did deserve to be there...and it changed my life. Unfortunately, most people are not as lucky as I was. This mother fucker who was walking out of my mother fucking house, empty handed or not...needs to do some mother fucking time. Crimes against innocent people I will not tolerate...
Back to the cops. These guys were so nice. And efficient. Within minutes, there were three more cars there. The initial cop that caught the guy and would be hauling him off to jail any moment asked us a few questions and then introduced us to the others. He left to transport the prisoner. The rest of the guys were really nice, and they took a detailed statement while Lucien ran all through the house that was now spotted with detectives. They smiled at Lucien and patted him on the head, never getting frustrated when he tried to get one cop's papers.
Withing minutes of them taking the suspect away, fingerprints were being taken. There were several guys, obviously of different rank giving both orders and advice, each one saying hello to us. By the time the interview was done, all the evidence was collected...and the cops were on their way in less than 45 minutes. They were all really nice, and it was really comforting to know that men like this take criminals off our streets. I am very impressed with these cops today. I must say...they did not scare me for one moment...and in fact, it was a comfort to have them there.


  1. Wow! That was awesome. So pleased it turned out as well as it did.

    Cops rarely get appreciated so it is cool that you spoke so highly of them. Would sending a card or email to the police chief complimenting his officers be possible. I think they would really appreciate that from a private citizen.

  2. Dear BMelonsLemonade,
    I saw your comment over at Spark Check, and came over to read.

    You're doing the good. I like an honest writer. I have other things that keep me off-kilter than sobriety, I think that we are all in it together though. I honor your choice and hope to match your everyday bravery.

    Ann T.

  3. I love it when a burglar is caught red handed! The credit is all yours, though, for keeping your wits about you and calling the thing in immediately.

    I'm glad the bad guy didn't get away!