Saturday, May 15, 2010


I do not know if statistics are wrong, or if it is just my experiences. I hear all these statistics about how few heroin addicts actually return to the land of the living. But, from my experience...a lot of people get better.
I have reconnected with so many people on Facebook, and I am always delighted to find that many of my old drug buddies are also clean and prosperous now. I am not sure if it was because so many of us endured the horrors of Hurricane Katrina, and our lives were changed. Or maybe I just hung out with some really good junkies!
Anyway, I just reconnected with a dear friend whom I have often wondered about. Now, I can add her to the list of recovered addicts...and that makes me smile. To all the parents of addicts who may read this blog- there is hope!!! More people recover from heroin addiction than the statistics show. At least that is my experience.
So many of the people I once used with are now clean. Many more than I expected, but not quite as many as I had hoped. The statistics are grim, but aren't statistics really grim anyway?
I am rejoicing at finding another dear friend to now be clean!!!

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  1. I just spent the past 2 days reading your entire blog from beginning to end, after you commented on my blog (addictionstinks).

    First of all, congratulations on being clean for 4 years! That is quite an accomplishment!

    Congrats on your son too. He sounds like an angel sent from Heaven just for you.

    It was really interesting reading your blog, and getting to know about heroin addiction from a user's point of view. Your stories are incredible, and you are very blessed and lucky to be alive! Thank you so much for sharing your stories with me - it gives me hope for my own son.

    Good luck to you in your future as a writer! Keep up the good work! If you ever get to writing that book, let me know. I'd love to proofread it for you before you send it to a publisher. I used to work in graphic arts and proofreading was a large part of my job.

    Anyhow, thanks again for sharing!! I've saved your blog in my favorites and I will definately keep coming back.