Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Panic Sets In

To death,
As sickness
Sets in.

My heart beats
Once again

Thump, thump

Thump, thump

I promise myself
Over and over
I will never
Do that again.

Dear Lord...
Or whatever entity
May be out there.
Because I'm not
Really sure.
If you can just
Make it OK
This one time.
Dear Lord,
If you can just
See that
I make it through
This one...

I promise,
I will never
Ever...use again.

Right now,
I don't even
Want to.

The sun rises
Over a horizon
Or two.
The sickness
And disease
Fade away.

Crisis averted
Emergency over
Racing thoughts,
Just dissipates.

And I think,
Well, maybe...
Just one more time.
A little down the road.
Are right.
I will wait,
Then just a taste.

Yes, that's it...
I will wait,
And then just a taste.

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