Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I sit in a restaurant
And miss the days
I had a leisurely meal
And just relaxed
Over dinner
And a glass of wine.

Other times
I just wish
I had the whole morning
To read
Or to write.

And there are times
I miss
Just wandering through
The city...
Stopping wherever I want
Staying as long
As I need
Looking at the river
Or at the old buildings
Long enough
To feel their enchantment
Or glancing
At art
Or antiques
Or old clothes and wigs.
A glass of wine
Along the way.

But, I never
Miss my old ways
I am thankful
To be grounded
In the present
And zooming towards
The future once again
I am not
Looking back
I am keeping
My eyes on the road ahead.

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