Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kicking Nightmares

Chills all over
To the bone
Through the vein

And turning
Sheets all tangled
Around me
I cannot
Get comfortable

The same thoughts
Keep running
Round and round
In my head
Cannot sleep
Although I am
So exhausted

Feeling like
I just wanna puke
Insides churning
Spitting out
All the poison
Yellow bile
It really hurts

And mind
Burning for more
Just a little taste
I cry out
This is
A necessity
I think
I may die.


  1. I don't know if this is the format you use for all of your poetry, but it is very similar to mine. I wonder if in those early days (high school), when we were both writing and sharing poetry, that you were an influence for my style?

  2. Or if that you were an influence for my style? I do generally write my poetry like this. I also like to think my style of poetry is influenced by our modern culture, where spoken word has become more and more popular.

  3. Also, I think that my poetry often reflects the way thoughts can flow through my mind...somewhat broken and jagged, and jumping back and forth, images swirling in meanings just running rampant in my head.