Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Note to Self

We all have days in which we look back, and we remember. We long for things of the ancient past. We miss the comfort of the destruction, or we want what used to be. We all have those days, wallowing in the waters of regret and what ifs.
I have spent too much time in those shoes. My own shoes have now become hard and unworn, leaving blisters on my feet. So this is when I take off the shoes to walk barefoot along the ground.
The Earth below my feet is soft, and the grass lightly tickles my toes. The life beneath my feet is teeming in this springtime air. The vibrations from our Mother Earth move through me, striking me to relish in her beauty.
We can all be beautiful from where we stand, if we try. Sometimes there is a lot of hard work, coming back to ourselves. Demons to face, and dragons to slay. So that we may once again view the world from our enlightened eyes. We must walk our own path, leaving the dust particles to fall where they may.
Sometimes we are full of despair, feeling like we can never love again, like we can never write again, like we will never soar again. Do not let despair make a home in your soul. And do not let regret take hold of your life. Throw them out the window...and walk tall.
Make your own path, and live your own life. Love yourself, love your family, and love your work. Do not dwell on these things past, and put your focus towards the future. You are only yourself, and that is all anyone can ask. Take today and run with it into tomorrow. Only you can make the change.
P.S. And write, write, write!!!

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  1. Writings from the heart of someone who has lived a vast life. Your writing and thoughts are so in touch; you make it seem so easy but I know that this perspective has only come through extreme pain and more hassle than the average person would want to see in a full lifetime. Keep writing!!