Friday, March 12, 2010


I have scars...

Track marks
On my arms
My hands
And even my neck

They have almost
Faded away,
Except one
That is from
An abscess
And it will
Look like
A hole in my arm

But, there are scars
That go much deeper
Than just
The surface

I have scars...
On my heart
And my mind
Deep gashes
All through my soul

Its those scars
That will never
Go away
I only hope
They may fade
With time

It seems
Scars run deep
And jagged
Popping up
When I least expect it
Scars, internal
Gnawing away
A few bites at a time

Until all that is left
Is guarded
Hiding scared
In a corner
Knowing not
Why I shy
Why I act
The way I do

Scars run deep
So deep,
I cannot imagine
These depths.
I just don't want to know

And so I put on
A band-aid,
Whatever it takes
To cover them up
I do not want
To investigate further
Hoping they will
Simply go away
With time...

All the while,
I know
They are still bleeding

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