Saturday, February 27, 2010


Cravings fade away
As do junkies and thieves
But my memories
Forever imprinted
In my mind
Seen through my eyes
That were often foggy
And high

I remember
All the faces
That made up
My daily life
And all the laughter
Fills my memory

Faces smiling down at me
Some from heaven
Some only in my memory

Liam...all the love
We shared
All the struggle
And all the laughter
I will never love again
Like that

And all the other
I knew back then...
Bob, and Phoenix
Shannon, and Pauli
Jamie, and Sophia
Nell, and Irene
Ashley,and Jeff
Papa, and even Julie
Bound together
By the struggles
Of addiction

My memory serves
To remind me now
Where not to go
But, I often think
Of all the people
I used to know
With fondness

I do not miss those days.
But, I do miss those people.

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