Sunday, February 28, 2010

I Remember

What are they
Doing right now?

What am I
Doing right now?
Through emotions

Where is
That warm, warm weather?
Where is
That hot, muggy air?
As my toes
Feel freezing.

I remember
Freezing in the summer
Even when it was
100 degrees outside.

I remember
Being insulated in the winter
Because the layers
Of dope were so thick
Inside my veins.

I remember
Dark and dusty
Old and dirty
Pungent and inviting

I remember
Sad and angry
Laughter and smiles
Cold and lonely
I remember you...

All of you.

I remember
A shiny needle
And its worn sheath
Numbers faded
And dull

I remember
That distinct
And inviting smell
The brown color
And all
The cravings within.

I remember
All the things
I wanted to forget

And I have forgotten
So many things
I want to remember.

Its like I was
Never there.

A million miles away
In my mind
And in my heart
My life,
A million miles away

I remember
Who was there
And what we
Were doing
But, I cannot
What it was like.

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