Friday, February 19, 2010

Broken Glass

Standing here,
Makes me wonder

Was it all worth it?
What is it I gain?
Only some good stories.

And maybe some
Real life experience.

Standing here,
Looking back
With eyes full of regret
There are times
My life now is like hell.

And I think back
To before...

When I resided in hell
But was too fucked up
To care.
And when it got to be
Way too much,
I just did another shot
And then...
I didn't give a damn.

Sometimes I look
At the royal mess I made
And sometimes I feel
Like I am still picking up
All the pieces.

And that is when I fear
I am shattered
I am broken forever
Pieces of glass flying
Some of them
Will never be found
And others
Will be found
In the corners
Of my mind
Years and years from now.

On the mend...
But still always broken
And I wonder...
If I can even be fixed.

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