Monday, November 8, 2010


I am very moved by an episode of Intervention tonight. I did not even watch the episode. I came in during the intervention. I am still not sure what the addiction is. Maybe heroin. Maybe thats why I am so moved. The brother is crying. Another brother is crying. The addict agrees to go to treatment, with tears in his eyes. Everyone in the room is crying.

Granted, I am a little emotional today. I am a woman, after all. Last night, I did a lot of writing, and I delved into a lot of emotion. Things that normally would not stir such a strong reaction are easily bringing me to tears. But as I watch this episode of Intervention...I really connect with the addict. I think about what that kind of situation would be like. I think about how I would feel. And I feel like I am in those shoes again, and I am flooded with emotion. It is a powerful image to me tonight.
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  1. I watch Intervention nearly every week. I watch it while having a drink or two (laugh). Seriously, I do.

    Love you. Hope all is going well.


  2. @SB, I wish I could watch it every week...I used to, but now I have class on Monday night,and usually catch the end. But, I actually started watching Intervention in jail...where a bunch of junkies sat transfixed behind bars watching another junky get high on television, drool dripping out of their mouths when the needle slides in, or the crack pipe sparks up, or every time the glass is tipped upward...a room full of devoid junkies sitting glued to A&E on Monday nights, craving, thinking, thinking, wishing, craving, remembering, thinking, craving...afterwords, the dope stories come spilling out of all their mouths, vomitting onto all the hungry ears wanting to feel, wanting to feel like they are high again...only dope could take them away from this hell behind bars...

    I still love the show...

    Much Love...