Sunday, September 19, 2010

Past Demons

Missing what once was
As I read
And research
I stumble upon
An article
About us...
About the storm...
And I see it
Blazing like the fire
We once shared
Black and white
The text jumps off the page
And my heart sinks
All over again.

I see your face
In my dreams
As of late
And I wonder
Am I
Thinking about you?
Or are the cuts
Still gaping wounds
That close
To the surface?

And I wonder...
If I will ever
Get over it.
And just go on
To live a normal life.
Like I was supposed to,
Like you are doing,
Like everyone else
Is doing.
But, I know
All too well...

I am not like anyone else.
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  1. thank you for sharing this, i can feel your pain in these words and I can relate to them also...i did move forward...eventually

  2. This is sad, but beautiful, in its own way.