Thursday, September 2, 2010


Feeling like I gotta post something. But, all the thoughts and emotions are swirling around me. I feel like I am falling into a rabbit hole. I am scared to fucking look up, and my creativity seems to be waning, draining out like a slow dripping faucet as the life blood is sucked out of me by this vampire. Break away, and the mind gets clear, but the signs of abuse are still there. I am battered and bruised. A mind fuck. That is what has been going on for so long that I am not even sure which way is up and which way is down anymore. Mental abuse is sometimes even stronger than the physical, less obvious as he bears down on my soul with all the words of manipulation. Gotta break free from those chains of bondage. I have broken free from much worse before. This asshole is just another bump in my fucking road. Bumpety bump, mother fucker...bumpety bump your way right out of my life you fucking fuck. No more insults needed. No more fucking jabs and put downs because I swear I will fucking stab you...right in the mother fucking dick. Do not come around here any more you fucking asshole. I am too strong for your shit now. I am too fucking strong for you, you fucking loser.


  1. Can I ask a favor? This is my son's blog and he writes very seldom. He is 1 month clean. Can you visit him?

    Thank you

  2. PS; the hard times of introspection and doubt are what make us stronger later and ultimately make you a far better person. Hang tough!!