Friday, October 15, 2010


I read an article about methadone, and when it discussed some of the side effects of the drug, I was reminded...

When I was on methadone I sweat profusely. Granted, I lived in Savannah, Georgia at the time, and in the summer it is really hot there. But, it did not matter to my body...I constantly sweat.

Waiting tables in an air conditioned restaurant, and the sweat was pouring down my face. It would just drip and drip and drip. A constant stream of sweat, drip, drip, dripping. I thought it was really bizarre. I had always been cold natured, but on methadone all I did was sweat. I would be bundled up in a jacket, slightly shivering, yet sweating a little. In the summer, it was unreal.

I never remember being like that on dope, and I most certainly was never like that before. Among all the other detrimental side effects from methadone, I think the sweating was the most obvious. And the most annoying.


  1. Savannah, Georgia? I lived there, too, for awhile and miss it EVERY SINGLE DAY of my life.

    Would I know the restaurant you worked in? I am very familiar with the restaurants in town. Laugh.

    Have a great weekend.



  2. My best friend lives in Savannah :)

    I would HATE that side effect, annoying and embarrassing all at once.

  3. @SB, Yes, Savannah Georgia...and I HATED it there! I do, however, miss New Orleans EVERY day of my life, so I know how you feel. I worked at The Olde Pink House, which you probably do know. The history there is interesting. My father still lives about 45 minutes from Savannnah.

  4. yes i had the same problem ,everyone at the place i worked thought i was on drugs ,with the sweat and dashing off to pick up my done i got more shit then, than when i was on smack, at least i had some power when i could score , what time and what to save .YOU CANT COME INTO THIS PHARMACY UNTIL 1030 AM I dont care if you start work at 7 and are hanging out we open for normal customers at 7 NOT YOU LOT

  5. As I am tapering my dose down to a dose that I can hopefully stop entirely, the one side effect that I am so thrilled has now disappeared, is/was the never ending sweating!!! This is something I shall never, ever miss so long as I live, but something I had to live with regardless of temperature - which varies from -30C in winter to +39C in summer where I live - for close to four years. Once my dose was under 50mg, the sweats literally disappeared overnight! Go figure.

    peace, love and happiness...


  6. That's wild. I love The Olde Pink House. Some of the best food in town.

  7. Forgot to ask--did you see or experience any ghosts in the Pink House?

  8. @SB, yes I did experience some ghostly feelings in the Olde Pink House. I actually gave a talk to a local college class there about the history of the house, and the function of some of its old structures. The food is pretty good...I am a tough critic because I am a real foodie who loves to cook and knows a lot about food. I do love the Olde Pink House, though...the history is what I find fascinating.

  9. The Moms and I ate downstairs next to the big ass fireplace. We really enjoyed it.