Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rant at Baby Daddy

Are you serious that this mother fucker is such a cheap bastard? What the hell was I thinking when I had a kid with this mother fucker? I do not even have an excuse, I was not high at the time. I had been clean for a while...

Just bad mother fucking judgement...AGAIN.

He does not even buy diapers. He does not help out with childcare. Or clothing. And he cannot be trusted to watch my baby for more than a few hours, for fear he will get too frustrated...

And then he has the fucking balls to ask me to bring my 3G modem over for the afternoon!!! Are you fucking serious? I pay for that Internet, and you cannot even buy a mother fucking diaper...and you want to use my Internet connection? Fuck you, you fucking fuck. Get a mother fucking life. Buy your own shit. Pay for some stuff with your son. And pay me some child support, and don't forget about the mother fucking 700 bucks you owe me. And no, mother fucker, you cannot use anything else I fucking pay for, until you pony up some cash, you asshole!


  1. Good for you...a very healthy rant. My son's father is also a mother fucking cheap asshole, so we have that in common! But yours sounds even worse asking you to use your stuff AND owing you money. Does he work? If so you need to be getting child support. And if he doesn't file for it anyhow because at some point he will and they will garnish his wages for the next 50 years if they have to.
    I made the mistake of not asking for it until my son was 12, I wish I wouldn't have waited so long.

    I'm sorry you have to deal with this.

  2. I agree with Barbara, go to court and file a petition! My ex did not pay for many years and he was a successful business owner. We lost everything........ but once he spent two weeks in jail he never missed a payment. Sad that it had to come to that it was really a struggle raising three little boys on my salary, we lost our home and had to live with my Mom for a few years. The laws are much stricter now, well in New York, they lose their license rather quickly, and they take any tax refund money and sent it to the parent.

  3. Too bad for him; Perhaps someday he will wake up but by that time he will have been left way behind. Absolutely; do not hesitate to petition the courts for what he ought to be providing of his own accord. Of course; it requries you to have more interaction with him but it is the right thing to do. Dead-beat dads don't usually come through until somebody bigger than them tells them to.