Sunday, May 8, 2011

Off The Cuff

In a sea of madness
A thousand
Different people.
Screaming out from roof tops.
And one...
Just one lone person,
It seemed.
It seems,
At least now.
In a sea of madness,
All over again.
But, the game is very different.

I am drowning.
They were drowning.
So many people have drowned.
The waters,
The waters all around.
I was.
I am.
I relive the water
All around.
And I think...

I know how to swim.
I know...
I know how to sink,
And I am trying to
At all costs.

In emotions of the past,
And all this stuff
Has only made me stronger.
And I gotta make it happen.
I gotta make it happen.

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