Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 1st

Was supposed to be
Celebrated for years
Instead I mourn.

So many years ago
We stood
On that beach
And promised forever
Even death will not part.
But life will.

My heart is heavy
With regret
And sadness today.
It wasn't supposed
To be like this.

Anger rises
From the pit
Of my stomach
Hatred cultivated
From need.
I am still angry
At you.
And I still
Hate you both.
Especially her...
She was supposed
To be my friend.

So much for friends
Like that.

I have put it down
I have laid
It all to rest
What is past
Is gone...
But looking
At the date,
June 1st,
I am still
Overtaken by sadness.
Just for today.

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