Friday, June 4, 2010


Morphine, Morphine, thoughts of you have flooded my brain ever since I knew you were there. I find myself looking at you sideways from the corner of my eye, and I wonder if anyone else notices.
Morphine, Morphine, I am craving to be with you. To have you envelop me within your padded and cushioning hug. Break my fall with your softness. Wishing you would wrap me up in your wonderful, welcoming warmth. Distill my mind with your narcoleptic numbing of pure nothingness. Insulate me from all the horrors of my harrowing life in haunted houses where demons still hide in the holes of my mind.
Morphine, Morphine, I want to mingle in your madness. I desire your daring dance with death. Once I knew you were within my grasp, I began to obsess all over again. My every thought tainted with your tantalizing taste on my tongue. Bittersweet and earthy…I remember it like yesterday. Sweet and inviting, yet I know you always have a bitter finish. This game I know all too well can only end in disaster. Yet, I lift the dropper up to my mouth. It is like I just cannot help it.

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