Friday, April 2, 2010

A Visit

Riding through
This island
We used to live...

Marshes and lagoons
Where the sun
Meets the land
And the sunset
Meets the sky

Where the trees
Are all twisted
And the moss
Hangs low

Where the air
Is muggy and warm
Salty to touch
And salty to taste

I look back
And remember
I look back
And I remember

We made love
On the beach.
We shot up
In the bathroom
We took a turn
Down that path
How could we know...

It would end
In destruction
In heartbreak
In ruins.
How could we know...

That we
Were paving the path
We walk today.
And alone.

If I had to choose
If I had
To do it
All again.
I swear
I would choose
A very
Different path
From the one
I have known.

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