Thursday, September 1, 2011


Trying to get ready on a time crunch this morning, and my son is all up in my face.  I have been known to "get ghetto", as my friends like to say, when I am irritated, or angry....

My son is grabbing for my phone, wanting to play a game.
Me:Son, you need to back up off my grill for a minute!
Son: (fake laugh) You silly, Mommy.  Not a grill, this a phone!

Too funny.  I do not say a word because I do not even really know how to explain this one.  And I to explain slang...hmmmm, this is going to be an interesting ride for a very smart two year old and his writer mother, who is somewhat obssessed with words and language!


  1. Don't forget to share all the fun slang learnings with us!!

  2. You know what you do!?! You teach him proper english and let him figure the slang out on his own later in life! And stop dropping the F Bombs your so fond of in front of him please!